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Not looking to start a fanboy fight so I would prefer to get the opinions of those that have recently played on PS4 vs XB1. I know they are both or have coming on with somewhat updated versions but really wanted to get the experience of those that been on both.

I am currenlty on XB1 but so sick of this slow piece of garbage just not sure if the pS4 is in any better. The tow main games I played that I stuck wiwth are COD BO3 and Overwatch. My biggest complaint console wise is that XB1 is so fricken slow. If you acccidently hit start during a game while selecting a person in the leaderboard, it feels like ti could take 10 seconds plus before it switches screens and back. I don't remember any computer being this fricken slow since I was back in highschool where highspeed didn't exist. It feels like Microsoft is about 15 years behind in speed. That is at least the most noticeable issue.

Let me hear others, consdiering picking up the PS4 cause this XB1 stuff is so laggy, slow and I feel like Iam about 20 years in the past.

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I've played on both consoles (I used to have a ps4 but got an Xbox one as my friends were on the Xbox)

I think the in game issues like frame skipping is pretty on par, can't really remember about the menu's etc though.

I'm going to get a ps4 again though so I have it on both consoles. The good thing about cod on ps4 is that when the big comps are going on there is an option to watch it directly from your ps4, which is a nice touch.
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