Peripheral vision. The next revelation for consoles and COD?

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I haven't got any inside knowledge and i'm not claiming to, i just personally think that this could be the next biggest development in the mainstream console gaming scene.

In my head, it would look something like the virtual reality headsets currently being developed, but would finally give us what call of duty has needed since it's beginning, peripheral vision.

It would take a massive amount of the randomness to games like search and destroy and go a long way to finally getting rid of the infamous and annoying 'cod timing'! When your field of vision is so small, it makes for unrealistic timing scenario's and i think it would completely change the game.

Let me know what you think!  Will this happen?  Would this be a good thing? (surely?!. But it's always up for debate)

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I don't see why they couldn't do something like this. Some racing games have peripheral vision. Sounds like all they need to do is open up the field of view and make the peripheral section a bit blurry (because obviously it's not your focus so it's blurry).

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No way in heck would I want a VR headset on. I would much rather have something like an ultra-wide curved 4k monitor for CoD.
One can only hope.

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