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Hi, I'm a Youtuber not to big around 150 subscribers. I was wondering if I could post Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 STORY. On YoutubeI know a lot of others have like live streams and all but I also know there really big. Could you request permission from an email or contact somebody. I know this is a serious topic because I can get into a lot of trouble & get my Youtube shut down.

So Could somebody please get back to me with some suggestions or some emails address. I'm just wondering and still in thought but it would be a really treat to my subscribers since they all love the game and I thought it would help me gain fans as well.

Thanks & Regards - Michael Germanotta


(Sorry if Links aren't allowed) Just some reference that's all!

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Having the same issue, i can't find any rules about uploading call of duty video's...

Sooo bumb!

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Throw it up on your YouTube.

When they talk about embargoes & channel strikes, they are referring more-so to the bigger channels that several thousands of followers or more - they don't want their stuff out early, and those channels have the means of distributing that content early and en masse.

You on the other hand? Spreading your content to 150 additional people isn't going to matter to them.


a) You are posting the campaign - people aren't really going to want to watch that, so you aren't going to get many views

b) You are posting 2 weeks into the game's life cycle - most people have either played through the campaign, seen campaign footage by now, or have already made the decision that they don't care for it.

c) Of the 150 subs you have, the majority of them won't watch your content.

You don't have anything to worry about.

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I can see where some of your points may play a role regarding the OP's question, but the utter disrespectful downplay of his content has me quite appalled tbh. Who are you to judge who will and won't watch someone's content, whether it be online gameplay from Matchmaking, competitive gameplays and clips, or zombies and campaign mode?

To answer the OP's question,

The main copyrights that I am aware of for BO3 and all Call of Duty games are the music, character names, and logos used in-game and at the menus. Now, if you properly cite the sources in your description and do not monetize the video (assuming you are already partnered) then you are in the clear. Just be sure to properly cite where you received the content from since you are not directly creating it. Hope this helps!

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Bit harsh man. You're wrong too, doesn't matter if he has 100 subs or 100 million, copyright laws are copyright laws.

OP, it's fine. You don't need permission to stream/upload Black Ops 3 as far as I know. Probably do as PullUrSlip​ says for citations and such.

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Same here man
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