Whats your favourite COD for Multiplayer and why?

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It would be cool to see everyone's opinion on this to see where the Call Of Duty community is now at. I know there are more new players than old veteran's like myself playing the current games.

My favourite Call Of Dutys have to be Cod4, Cod5 and MW2. Hands down the best in the series (my opinion).

They came down to pure gun skill and knowledge of the maps. Guns were well balances and map designs were fantastic. I personally miss the old SnD competitive community and how it was one of the best ways to level up.

Really not a fan of the Futuristic approach the games seem to have now taken.

In future Cods I would love to never see the jet packs and super suits gone. I feel they should keep boots on the ground and possible look at extending map size and player limit in certain game modes.

I massively dislike the Cod points system and think its unnecessary.

Also to top it off I think they should implement a DayZ game mode in zombies (for those of you who don't know the game, go look it up and think how cool that would be with the Call Of Duty game engine)

Anyhow this is MY opinion. There's no right or wrong here. Let me know what you guys think about your favourite Call Of Dutys and why.

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Though I used to play as far back as cod4, my all time favourite has always been black ops II. I fell in love with a lot of the weapons, in fact I used every single one over the period I played that game. I have higher expectations of black ops III because of that game, I loved league play and felt they've gone backwards with this arena. I was good at black ops II, I managed to maintain a 4 k/d tdm and a 3.5 k/d overall even with league play, which is where the .5 copped it haha. The maps in black ops II was perfection in my opinion and it wasn't difficult to rotate around those maps unlike black ops III, unless you're the type to want to rush + spawn trap, I like getting legit kills and not put other players at a disadvantage.

I loved black ops II because I could solo, even in league play and still do well, even managed to carry teams and clutch so many matches due to how much time and effort I put into that beautiful game.

Ultimate favourite gun by far was the an94 and m8a1, also enjoyed rushing around with the msmc, ghost, dead silence, toughness. Though AR's in that game I adapted to perfectly, though I could slay, I was much more of an anchor / strategic player. I will always have memories of league play, besides the ddosing, the competitive side of black ops II was flawless.

*This is just my opinion, I choose to not criticize anyone else's opinions and I expect the same in return.*

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I think some people look with rose tinted glasses, some will pick the game they did the best in, some will pick the one they think others will agree with. For me it would be a toss up between bo1 and ghosts. Bo1 was really fun, had a good mix of gun fights and streaks, people still played the objectives back then. And ghosts had the best hit  detection and connectivity of any fps I've ever played.

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I spent a majority of the time spent playing Call of Duty's on CoD4 and Blops. No game will ever pass up CoD4 in my books. I loved everyone weapon and map in that game. I felt like gameplay was far more versatile than any of the other games. I could use a shotgun, a SMG, an assault rifle, a light machine gun, or a sniper and enjoy myself equally. I haven't felt that way in a long time. Something about the maps in call of duty 4 was just perfection to me. I played almost as much black ops as I did CoD4 and I can't tell you a single map name and I can barely recall most of the maps from memory. I can recall nearly every map from CoD4, how I used to play them, how everyone else used to play them, which routes were good and which were death traps. I spent a bunch of time playing custom games on 4, a decent amount of custom games zombies and TONs of Michael Myers, from playing MM, I can tell you where you can glitch out of most of the maps and wether you need old school mode to be on or not to do those glitches. Besides that I can tell you nearly every weapon in the game. I haven't found a call of duty that I've liked the weapons nearly as much. the MP5 will forever be my favorite SMG and honestly I'm still on the fence if I liked it better with RDS or iron sights. M4 Carbine was a great gun, same with the M16, G3, G36C, and I occasionally like using the ak47(I know I'm weird, I didn't like that gun as much as everyone else), I loved the M1014 and the M60E4. Plus the M40A3 still remains today as my favorite sniper from any game ever, but hell that didn't stop my from spamming the M21 or the Dragunov, I even found myself enjoying the R700 and the .50 Cal.

I definitely wasn't on of those 360 no-scope guys or a champ by any means and I never tried to do it in real games, but me and my friends would spend a lot of time on shipment or showdown doing no scope or quickscope battles just for fun.

I honestly will probably never have as much fun on another game as I had on CoD4. I would absolutely give anything for a remake of that game with no changes to it besides updated graphics. The scorestreaks weren't overpowered, I will admit that I did seem to be the main target for helicopters, but meh thats another story for another day. I'll just never enjoy sniping on any game quite like I did on CoD4, probably because it had some of the best maps of the entire franchise to date IMO. Bog was stellar, overgrown was the bees-knees and my favorite map ever, but ambush and wet work were pretty fun maps to play on, and I always enjoyed Crossfire.

In all honesty, at first I was like "YEA! I love cod4 bringing back great memories, then I started listing everything I loved about that game and it got uber depressing, uber quick. Plus that was mainly before people started doing modded lobbies and hacking the games. The worst anyone really did on that game was sit ina cage match and swap kills until they got Red Tiger camo. God I miss that game.

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Honestly couldn't agree with you more.

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For me it was COD4 first. That was my first MP experience so that plays a major part. W@W was also very memorable for me. There has been something about every title that has made it enjoyable.

The most sour moment in any COD was in MW2 when I entered a hacked lobby. I stayed for about 30 seconds. Once I realized what was going on I left and didn't play that title again for a few years.

I'm enjoying Black Ops 3 quite a bit right now. It's not perfection, but the group I run with could make any game enjoyable. We have a blast, break balls, win more than lose and all know what the other guys are doing, thinking and saying. It makes for a great time.

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call of duty 4 is up there with the greatest FPS games of all time for me , I have never had so much fun in a multiplayer and probably never will again

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Its really nice to see Cod 4's success and the impact it had on people. It's hard to believe that the game was released 9 years ago!

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black ops 1. wish they would go back to that type of gameplay.

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Black Ops II, no doubt about it! But hey, there's a thing called evolution, and Black Ops III is one them.

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