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The game opens up a cmd menu for a split second, then closing immediatly, sending a crash log to the main folder. This video is an example of what happens, I have no idea wwhat is happening and no one seems to be able to help me with this problem. I have reinstalled the game several times, tried the firewall, tried compatibility mode, tried to administrator. The game only opens up in Windows safe mode but not in regular Windows, it is the only game that is crashing on my steam profile and it is frustrating.

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Hey, I'm sorry about that. I understand your frustrations. Have you tried any of these trouble shooting steps as well to see if it helps: 

-Update graphic card drivers 

-Try reverting to the previous version of the graphic card drivers

-Verify the integrity of game cache 

-Turn off any optimization programs 

-Add an exception for BO3 on your anti-virus program 

-Uninstall yuor anti-virus program (if you have any other that is not Windows Defenders), run BO3, test it, and then reinstall the anti-virus program afterwards


If you continue to run into the same issue after trying these steps the best suggestion then would be to grab a DxDiag and head over to official support. They will be able to gather more information and assist further as soon as possible: 

Contact Us (Live Chat):


Twitter Assistance:


Facebook Assistance:


The live chat hours with an Activision agent on the contact us page are from 11a.m. - 7p.m. Pacific Standard Time 

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