Why is blackops 4 the worst call of duty blackops game

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Recently ive been playing a whole lot of blackops four

1. Shots don register ive had many time where ive shot someone and it didnt count

2. Some times i like to meme with melees and no lunge so you have to get super close to the enemy to hit them you will mostly die if you try

3. Spaming weapon spamming is very annoying lmgs smgs and tac assault rifles 

4. Teir progressing its so long and takes forever

5. Lost my intrest when i found out everything releases on the blackops pass

6. Match making  i get put in lobbys eith prestige master and im only lv 55 not prestige 

These are my thoughts on the game hope they are fixed because im on the edge of refunding

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Ceci est malheureusement la section Black Ops 3 pas Black Ops 4...

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