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will black ops 3 ever get xbox one x enhancements like 4k HDR? because that would be awsome as i feel like im loosing out on a lot because the game doesnt use all of the xbox one x's power. please update BO3 to support 4K hdr as its the only cod i actualy like due to zombies being amazing to play.

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Hey, I understand what you mean. It would definitely be awesome if Black Ops 3 could be Xbox One X enhanced. You can keep up to date over here on Xbox's Twitter page for any future news and updates regarding Enhanced titles: 

As well if you'd like to leave any feedback or suggestions regarding the matter for the developers you can do so over here:

Hopfully we can see it added onto the Xbox One X Enhanced list soon! 

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I too would like a xbx enhanced update.

It is dead on PC and have thought of buying on xbox.

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