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BOPS2 PS3 Clan Recruiting

We have a clan of about 35, want to break 50 members...We are primarily a hardcore clan, so looking for Core players as well so we can start to mix it up a bit...We have a facebook page and use it constantly for updates, events, etc...We do EVERY Clan Operation and Challenge and are currently Level 26 in Elite...We track detailed stats, including performance, participation in challenges and ops, Kill/Death Ratio, etc...You MUST have a 1.00 KDR or higher and be at least 18 (ish), mature, etc...We don't talk smack unless someone else does, we just WIN...Most of us are over 2.5 Win/Loss (75%+) ratio and our overall Clan average KDR is 1.35ish with guys well over 2.00.  Come check out what it means to play with a real clan, a real family...Most of us have been playing together since World at War or even before.  You'll find at least a full party on pretty much 24/7, so you always have someone to team up with.

Connect with me on PSN at TOG-SLEEK or send an invite to the "Unstoppable!!!" (3 exclamation points) Clan on Elite or to our facebook GROUP "Unstoppabletog".



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