Clan Looking for a Leader (360 only)

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Clan Looking for a Leader (360 only)

looking for 1 serious person to help run United Intuition gaming [UIG]. Must be over the age of 21 and active on both Black Ops 2 and the Website daily. You will also be helping with recruitment(forum posting and testing of recruits), running lobbies, and creating new ideas to help the community grow. If you are interested you will need visit the UIG site and fill out a recruitment form.  In the recruitment form please include that you are interested in this position. Once recruitment form is complete you will have 10 days to show you have what it takes to co-run a clan/community. A little about us:




We have 42 active members (both multiplayer and zombie)

We are a level 23 clan level (K/D- 1.35, SPM-335.14, and over 6000 hrs played)

We compete in daily/weekly clan challenges and operation

MLG Gamebattles and Scrims

We have our own ranking system and Awards

User friendly website (forums, live chat, youtube, Member spotlight, mumble voice server)


You may also send me a private message on XBL if you are interested my Gamertag is difederican80 but you will still need to fill out recruitment form.

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