Hello Guys! We need your help! Join Cobrafinity now! [Xbox]

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Hello Guys! We need your help! Join Cobrafinity no...


We're searching for mature players, and skilled players. At the moment we are pushing towards MLG. We are also in the process of recruiting, we need your help to make the future of CobrafinitySquad possible. Some of our future plans are to have squads so it'll be easier to handle the clan members and easier for you to communicate with a leader. So far we have about to hit 20-30 players, we just started about a week ago. We're trying to get some of the best players so that this clan can be successful, we are also trying to put up videos to youtube, and get enough subscribers so that we can get a partner ship and get your name out there. We also need an official MLG team for online game battles and future tournaments. Help us make this clan a success!


  • 14yrs+
  • 1.00 K/D+
  • Mature
  • Get along with the rest of the clan
  • Dedicated
  • Hard working
  • Social
  • Not cocky
  • Loyal
  • Obedient

Well that's it guys if you're interested in any more information please feel free to message HaVoc Serenity, if you're actually looking into trying out for the clan, comment down below, send an email toCobrafinitysquad@outlook.com, or message HaVoc Serenity with your age, K/D, what game type you play most, and where you are from.

Thanks for your time!

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