Level 28 clan recruiting (All Platforms)

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Level 28 clan recruiting (All Platforms)

Hello everyone!

Pure Headshot Gaming is recruiting!

We are recruiting members for our North American Professional MLG Team, European MLG Professional Team, and also for simple casual play! There's a place for everyone here at PHST regardless of your KDR, ranks, or favorite game modes!

About Pure Headshot Gaming

Ranking System

Our clan ranking system is of a militaristic structure, allowing for creation of amazing medals and awards to add to your profile on our website found here http://pureheadshot.enjin.com. The rankings are as follows:


This rank is for the 3 members of the clan who Founded Pureheadshot Gaming. This position is unobtainable to anyone.


This position is of high trust and the holder of it is a model leader to the community. A General is to ensure that all daily events run smoothly and solves problems when they occur. They are also a moderator for at least one of our social media pages and our forums. These members work closely with each other, and the Commanders. Generally, they have the right to make a decision in absence of Commanders.


A Colonel will ensure the Major and Captains are following the Code of Conduct and are establishing a professional environment. They will also plan meetings on a bi-weekly basis to go over important things going on within the competitive division. This person must be organized and have a very flexible schedule. To achieve this rank, one must have a recommendation from 2 Generals.


The Major essentially holds great responsibility within the clan. They are often in charge of Competitive Teams or MLG Rosters. They are to make sure that their teams are organized and their rosters are always kept up to date. Setting practice dates and making sure their whole team attends events is one responsibility. This is a position for a responsible individual, a leader also.


A Captain is the one who gives out promotions after talking with Generals and making sure the lower ranked members have done what they have needed to do. He will conduct himself in a professional manner when dealing with rewards. All Captains must work with each other closely to ensure that everything is fair. Typically, Captains should all decide together when trying to promote or demote a certain player. Captains usually cover the casual players, whereas the Majors deal with the competitive league.


A Lieutenant is a person who has been with the clan for a long period of time and understands the inner-workings of it. They are in charge of running game lobbies. (Hosting party on Black Ops 2, Battlefield Games, etc). They will invite all players regardless of what division they are in and will treat them appropriately. This position requires a lot of in-game activity! Lieutenants watch over the casual players similar to the Captain; but are more actively out there playing with members and creating bonds within our community.


A Sergeant is to ensure any and all new members are acclimated to the community. They are the first supervisor for members; any small basic issues are encouraged to be brought up to the Sergeants before going up the chain of command. Sergeants are the "meet-and-greets" and will show players around the website, and introduced them to all the members.


A Corporal is considered a model member of the community. In order for a Corporal to get promoted he needs to be well adapted to the community and the website. Corporals are encouraged to recruit members and be a regular member on our forums before obtaining this promotion. They can generally be found playing in casual lobbies with Lieutenants and participating in clan events.


You will receive your first rank as a private. To achieve a Private rank, you must have been in Pure Headshot Gaming for at least 7 days as well as successfully completing the recruit rank. As a private, you will be responsible for behaving in a proper manner and maintaining activity on our website. Start posting and meeting people and you can quickly climb up the ranks!


This rank is the starter rank within our community. Once one has officially joined the community and had their application accepted, they will start as a recruit and start to familiarize themselves with our Code of Conduct and Ranking System. If you are a recruit we highly recommend you get accustomed to the website, and get to know some fellow Pure Headshot members! If you are a new recruit please follow the instructions below to become a well-fitted member of Pure Headshot Gaming and begin to rise in ranks!

To move up to the private rank, you must do a couple of things:

-Post an Introduction for yourself on our forums.

-Play with us on Xbox or PSN or PC.

-Edit your profile information to show you proudly represent Pure Headshot Gaming.

-Post 5 posts on the forums. It could be about anything!

Pure Headshot Gaming's Most Active Members (Feel free to add on PSN and Xbox LIVE)


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