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Looking For PS3 Clan

Hey looking for PS3 clan for black ops 2

I've been playing BOPs2 since it came out

Got to prestige 10 and reset my stats

I have a 1.6 KD

Will do clan ops and challenges Message me Or add me PSN: iProvoke_23

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Re: Looking For PS3 Clan

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Come back and join us officially last night we made 96th out of 25000 clans

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Re: Looking For PS3 Clan

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[PS3] // Zeonic Force Gaming //  | Mature | Competitive Clan |


..:: // Zeonic Force Gaming // ::..



[Mission Statement]

At ZF what sets us apart is our staffing team. We try to get everyone involve so that our members get the experience that no other community clan out there can set. We strive to have a family atmosphere and play at an elite level. Zeonic Forces is a clan that will make someone into someone better than they are now. If you are interested in being part of our family please visit our website. There you will find our requirements. Although we do have a high KD ratio requirement those that find themselves that they do not meet our requirements there are many other alternatives to get inside the clan.

[Favorite Game Modes]


Team Deathmatch



[Bonus Information]

American/EU Time-Based

Full Parties 24/7

[Gold] Clan Tags

100 Win Streak (Domination)

We are ready for GHOST!!!

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Re: Looking For PS3 Clan

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Come join my clan Darkness_Within. We are a new clan with only 6 members but we are growing fast. here is the link to the clan page if you wish to apply. I will accept you no matter what. https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/11231699

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Re: Looking For PS3 Clan

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Re: Looking For PS3 Clan

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Hey send me a friend request on ps3 my id is Golly_Wog2013 im recruiting for my clan UKFM ready for ghost when it is released so feel free to come and see what were like were ranked in top 500 clans have been together since call of duty world at war

all r uk based players

all use headsets

enter all clan ops/ competitions

play every night

normally have 2 parties of 6 running at ne time were not a massive clan have less then 30 members in it

as long as ur in the uk u can join

hope to see u gaming soon

happy hunting

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Re: Looking For PS3 Clan

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Want to join a brand new ps3 clan

that provides everything you need

well join Export gaming with brand new website where are members can:

use active forums to check out what everyone is doing.

chat so members can talk to each other in fast.

up to date gaming news.

and big gaming events.

competitive team

we will also be holding:

party nights.

in clan tournaments.

and much more

           If this is what you want then register and apply at


if you have any problems you can mgs us on psn




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Re: Looking For PS3 Clan

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hey just started a clan. heres a link if interest.  Our goal is to have good time with good people


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