Looking for PS3 Clan (:

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So,I just joined this site,and well,I honestly don't have enough friends online to even have a 3 man party at most times,because I am quite choosy when it comes to friends.

So,I was looking for a fun clan for me.

My stats are quite low for an average player,but I'm honestly not a tryhard.Looking for crazy but mature people that don't swear,work as a team,and have a whole lot of fun,more than anything else.Also looking for a clan with mics.

My KDR is 0.76 and I'm Prestige 2 level 50 something...

Hope I find a good clan.

Peace out (:

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Discharged Gaming is currently recruiting for our COD: Ghost division. We require all members to have a mic and be at least 13yrs of age at time of application. We have an experienced & mature leadership team made up of veteran Call of Duty players. Our Ghost Elite is already at level 11 and we have Gold Clan tags. We have players of all skill level from casual to competitive gamers. Stop by and check us out at www.DischargedGaming.com. You can list Killah_Bee_Cash as a reference.

We also still have members playing Blops 2 so u should be able to find guys to party up with.

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Why did u apply and then cancel ur app Rock?

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I just created a new clan Death By The Sea I only play for fun...my stats are not great and I too dont have a ot of people on my list.  Feel free to be the second member if you like.

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You can join xRYG . We are level 5 and have 17 members. You can add me on PSN if you want... the name is ZombieMarksman99

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Clan tag gold: Nv13

Clan name: NvMe


Link to clan:https://elite.callofduty.com/search?query=NvMe+Nation&type=&isframe=true


1) Above a 0.95 KDR

2)15 and older of age

3) Have to have a Gold and up in League play

4)Know how to rush and anchor

5) Gotta be good at Quick Scope

6) Don't talk trash be a good sport

7) Always join clan leader when your invited by KdGgOsT

8) Able to play Modern Warefare 3,Black Ops 2, and Call of Duty Ghost

9) Must have a mic

10)Need active players

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