Looking for Xbox BO2 competitive clan

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Looking for Xbox BO2 competitive clan

I'm looking for a good competitive team, who often play competitive matches (e.g. Gamebattles or other sites), i have some experience playing games on these sites and would say i am slightly above average in skill level, however with good amounts of practice i could become a highly skilled player.

I am 16 years old and my GT is Antathuss, i want a skilled clan that can either take me on as a slayer/OBJ for their team or teach me to play as they need.

Right now i would say i am best suited with an SMG such as the MSMC, however i can also handle the M8 or AN-94 on larger maps (or DSR for SnD), I would be interested in joining a team of similar aged players, or slightly older who can also have a laugh whilst playing competitive matches.

Finally i need a team that will understand if i want to take a couple of hours break a week to play with real-life friends on other games, however i will still be very active in clan practices/matches.

For further info contact me on Xbox live: Antathuss

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Re: Looking for Xbox BO2 competitive clan

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Hey Antby,

My name is Cj aka WillyWooTang and I am the Creator of "Shoot First Ask Later", Here we do have both GB accounts, and PGL accounts as well. We have 15 members and growing most of them are around your age: youngest is like 14-15, our main Elite Team has 10 members and soon we are going to branch out, so we have other 10 member teams. At this times since I started this on  9-4-2013 we have ranked up to a lvl 8 Elite team.

Our Requirements is just be mature. No age, trials, K/D, SPM all that stupid stuff.

We do have 3 video editors, and 1 graphic designer, at this time we are working on a main video of all the stuff we can do 3 members do have capture cards.

To the point we do not have the greatest amount of members but we do have skill.

Results From Sunday October 13th TDM Match

  • Black Ops II -11 of 10659 Clans
  • Black Ops II- 2140 kills
  • Start Black Ops II- Oct 13, 2013, 2:00 PM
  • Finished Black Ops II -Oct 13, 2013, 5:00 PM

This is with 6 members

Our site is always open: xsfalx.enjin.com (register to view all things and our chat box)

If you choose to join our family there is a short application.

Thanks for reading all this,

WillyWooTang aka Cj

Message me at any time via the site, or on Xbox GT:WillyWooTang

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