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Looking for a clan Xbox

I have been playing black ops 2 for quiet some time now and I am wanting to join a clan/ gaming community to play with the has a pro team that I can be on or a part of. I am very good let me know in the comments about the clan and how to jion

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Re: Looking for a clan Xbox

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You can join my clan here is more about my clan


Top Gun Mulisha (TGM) is a new black ops clan with currently 18 members and we're looking for more players you don't have to be the best player we just ask members do the clan ops and Challenges we have so we can level up as much as we can if you don’t want to do the challenge its okay I don’t make anyone do one if they don’t want to and if we are all on and we have a challenge we need to play as a team together if members have a Mic that’s good if not it’s ok because we like to call out plays when we play we try to win games and we like to have fun when we are playing. If you want to join message me the clan leader my GT is Pvt Bryan 87


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Re: Looking for a clan Xbox

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Hello thanks for taking the time to read this. SiNTHESiS GAMING is a competitive clan and currently we are looking for members to join our clan.

We are currently mostly focusing on league play and getting to masters but our next objective is call of duty ghosts.

We were also looking into MLG and thats why we need skilled players to group a Gamebattles team and we can get into some online tournaments and win some prizes.

What we offer:

  1. Clan website with built in ranking sytem
  2. Open leadership positions.
  3. Great people to play with (skilled players).
  4. Members that will be getting the xbox one.
  5. Competitions with Microsoft Point prizes and more.
  6. People playing other games like minecraft.


  1. 1.15 KD+
  2. Intentions of buying a xbox one. (optional)
  3. Helping clan challenges.
  4. Mature.
  5. Loyal.

Apply Here: SiNTHESiS GAMING - Live Server - Call of Duty - Clan Hosting - Guild Launch

Feel free to message me on my GT: LickMyWhatt I wont bite.

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