Looking for clan (PS3)

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Looking for clan (PS3)

Hi guyz,

Have a 5 K/D been playing for 4 years now..

Just left my clan because all they do is boost:L

Also i play alot of Domination, Hardpoint etc

I do play hardcore also..

Eager for wins

SPM- Around 600-700


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Re: Looking for clan (PS3)

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I have a clan, we're all 2KD-6KD legit. We've been around since December 11, 2011.

You're only allowed in the clan if your WL is good as well, and don't dashboard TOO much. (Most members don't dashboard to keep their 3-4KD and accept a 20-20 game) I personally rarely dashboard now

Of course, kill chains are 99% factors of a booster. Saying that, having killchains doesn't get you in the clan depending on the situation. (One or two of our members have gotten them legit, IN THE GAME we were in party)

We ONLY play domination. Rarely TDM and KC (ground war)

We go for the win of course, we use SUPPORT scorestreaks. When in a big party, we ONLY use Warthog and below.

We literally stack VSATs and do call-outs

My stats:

3.60 KDR / 1.93 WL / 493 SPM

4 days 1 hour gameplay

If interested, come to our website (We have instant chatroom)


Add me on PSN:    xDontBackOut

P.S:   I have a broken controller and CANNOT RUN or use equipment 90% of the time. BUT I still manage to get in the 80 kill range (Assault scorestreaks of course)

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