Looking for clan (XBOX 360)

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Looking for clan (XBOX 360)

GT: Uncombative

10th Prestige Level 47

31,862 Kills

1036 Wins

4,122,410 Score

253 SPM

0.86 K/D

11 Days 8 Hours and 22 Minutes Played

Just really looking for a small, competitive clan/team to play with. feel free to message me.

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Re: Looking for clan (XBOX 360)

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Hey guys,  I'm SiXWiReD and I am one of five founders of OpZe gaming.  We are currently recruiting for members!  We are very active in clan challenges and operations.  We need members who like to compete in a variety of game modes and remain active!  

Some simple rules include:

1.  You MUST be 16 years or older, although some exceptions are made based on founders approval.

2.  Must be willing to be a regular and party up with other members.

3.  Must have a mic.

You can apply on our website by clicking the apply now link @ www.opzegaming.com

You can also check us out at:  Opze Gaming | Facebook

You can also apply via Elite @ https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/10146112

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Re: Looking for clan (XBOX 360)

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You can join my clan here is more about my clan


Top Gun Mulisha (TGM) is a new black ops clan with currently 18 members and we're looking for more players you don't have to be the best player we just ask members do the clan ops and Challenges we have so we can level up as much as we can if you don’t want to do the challenge its okay I don’t make anyone do one if they don’t want to and if we are all on and we have a challenge we need to play as a team together if members have a Mic that’s good if not it’s ok because we like to call out plays when we play we try to win games and we like to have fun when we are playing. If you want to join message me the clan leader my GT is Pvt Bryan 87


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