Multinade Clan & GB Recruiting! (PSN)

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Multinade Clan & GB Recruiting! (PSN)

Hey guys!

My name is Nade_Russ and I am the co-founder of Multinade, a PSN clan that always wins! Our primary objective is to win any game that we are in, while doing good K/D wise (2.0+). You will have to create a new account, with the pre-tag "Nade_".

Currently, these are our members.

Nade_Russ (co-founder)

Nade_Nasty (co-founder)

Nade_Ghostly (member)

Nade_Shotty (member)

Nade_Quick (member)

There are no requirements to join Multinade, however, if we find that you are not pulling your weight in a match, we will kick you (not literally, on the game ).

If you are interested in joining please post here or send a message on PSN to "Nade_Russ". Thanks for considering Multinade.


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