Starting a new clan!!

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Starting a new clan!!

hey looking to start a new clan on xbox 360 for bo2 email redorden@gmail . com for more info


1. working mic (doesnt have to be state of the art standard one is fine)

2. age 17 + (you will be refused if u can not act maturely or if i believe you to be under 17)

the reason for age requirements legally you can not buy call of duty and most who are under that age are not

mature enough to follow rules set out such as no racism and other things of that nature

3. enjoyment of the game (not a clan for elitists)

and finally,

4. email access (or twitter) so it is easy for you to tell us if your going to miss a match

feel free to contact my email will be looking for officers to help with the clan as well as help run teams 

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