*Top-Rated* iM PROXY is recruiting for Call Of Duty: Ghosts. If you are seeking a talented/active clan, Apply Now. (Click for more details)

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*Top-Rated* iM PROXY is recruiting for Call Of...

Just to add some information about the clan, my name is iM T3MP, and I am the leader of iM PROXY. We are level 7 after such a short time, and have many active and talented members. Just throwing our name out there to anyone searching for a clan.

I know it may seem skeptical, with the hordes of clan recruitment pages going up, but we are IT. I have pride in the fact that we are a top notch clan, and that with some time, we will succeed. We are seeking anyone who is active, anyone that needs a clan, and honestly if you're reading this you care enough to be in it.

We are in expansion mode, and are currently recruiting anyone with a cod account. Certain Requisites must be met after Expansion Phase 1.

We have recruited 6 individuals since this post first appeared.

Send me a message on xbox live. (Bring some friends)

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