UK & IRL's Best Clan - True top 10 Clan in the world are recruiting for MLG and Clan OPS. XBOX only - YouTube links attached. If you are a true gamer and want to play with a great clan. We do not want americans to apply (sorry dudes) 57 Members Level 30

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UK & IRL's Best Clan - True top 10 Clan in the wor...

Hi people,

Hugely active clan with 57 members with Facebook and site in the pipeline are looking for true gamers.

We are a great bunch of friends and seriously competitive. Clan ops are part of being the clan but you wont be kicked for missing a few. Its just a game after all...

MLG is a new concentration of ours and going for multiple teams in master divison.

Message me on this or on XBOX LIVE Viperthesniper9

Just some of our play and some beasts....  

montage no 1

Blaze nuclear

Skillz nuclear

Hypez nuclear

If you agree with the below and you want to play with good guys let me know and I will give you a try out - once you get on with everyone you are in!!!

LOST BOYS – Clan Rules & Code of Conduct

To understand the LOST BOYS Clan Rules & Code of Conduct, you simply need to understand the VALUES of zLBz. This is what separates us from everyone else. We have some of the best players you will ever see and definitely some of best team play and we don’t have to run it like a Nazi youth training camp to be successful. We have something better and stronger than that; Friendship, Leadership, Communication, Organization, Results and Recruiting. These values are what being a LOST BOY is about.


Now for the rules – you will all know them anyway!


How we play and the way we do it is all about just being a better clan of players in every game.

No one wants to play with c*cks*ckers and listen to people moaning constantly – everyone has bad days and get p*st off with any game but just unplug for a while.

If you don’t like the game, then do not play it.


This is BS – the clan is run by the clan itself. Any conflict should be brought to Harvey or Viper to sort out but we all know how to play the game. Try be grown ups about little disputes lads.

If you are playing with lads who spawn trap and you like to triple cap. Don’t be a pr*ck and go in the spawn to suit yourself. Play as a team!



People do this for many reasons, sometimes by mistake and sometimes just to be absolute c*nts!!!

You do not shoot your clan members unless it has been said before the game starts or the person doesn’t care (if you know them well). Nothing is more annoying than having 3 or 4 zLBz members in a game and another clan member joins the game and starts going for kills against their own clan!

DO NOT DO IT! It causes fights and it breaks win streaks and causes murder because then you have one clan member who refuses to play with another because he does that and you will be kicked if persists! If you have someone doing it say it to them straight away – get out of the game!


There is no point in being in any clan if you don't play with the other clan members. We all know lads who aren’t in the clan and who we are mates etc but it’s always first come first served and only at clan ops should this become a concern about who is playing with who. Manners cost nothing and lads will always have close mates who they want to play with but try not to leave lads out.

If there is conflict e.g. I do not want to play with him. Think about it before you open your mouth and try and sort it out to the side. Bring it to Harvey and Viper to get it resolved. 99% of things can be resolved immediately!


There will be NO hacking, exploiting, cheating, glitching or other dishonorable behavior in [TLBS]. Anyone found doing it will be given one warning and removed on the second offense. It is not tolerated.


We are open to all players who want to support the clan and play as a team and everyone is encouraged to bring as many good guys in as that can. We want a core team of guys who we know a long time but growing will make us an even bigger force to deal with.



All other clans have this to stop people abusing others, what a load of sh*t. Glitchers, tac inserting fools and quick scopers who play horribly in objective based games deserve a slap in the face with a brick. Show everyone that no one messes with [zLBz]. They can’t say sh*t when we smash them. Please try not to rage quit when you’re with a team and you are struggling, we are all guilty of it.

If there is a mouthy clan, get a clan battle together and let us separate the men from the boys. We all know who are the best in the clan (leader boards don’t lie) but we can put together a team of beasts in order to prove a point to anyone.


This always leads to murder. If you are online you are expected to make a contribution to getting a gold! If you really hate the game type just say. We can get gold in any clan challenge with a six man team only. Clan ops are not compulsory but we all appreciate the effort.

We don’t expect people to be lemmings and run riot shields and grenades in order to claim we are the best clan in the world or any rubbish like that.

These f*cking idiots actually think abusing a game type by having 6 teams with one killer and 5 spastics getting smashed up is getting a result. It basically shows you – 5 lads don’t mind being cannon fodder and aren’t good enough to get their own scores up.

We are not professionals and don’t get paid. If you’re playing with team mates and you decide that’s what you want to do this, knock yourselves out. Team tactics are one thing but being in tier 2/3 (the semi-retard tier) of a clan because you’re just not good enough is a joke and it won’t be done with us.

These fools think that these stats are true that they contribute, they basically have a 6/10 man clan and 90ish dipsh*ts making it easy to make them look even better than they are. You might as well just boost in the corner and they’ll always claim oh it’s not that but it’s pretty much the same. Get your kills legit. We would prefer to come 500th in world then top 5 doing that rubbish!

If these guys were that good they’d go play MLG and get their asses handed to them by proper gamers!

9) LOST BOYS ARE A FAMILY (Mafia Family)

We all have lives, families and jobs and all the other stuff outside of gaming. No one will get kicked ever without a good reason. If you are offline for a long time just try to let someone know – holidays, families, work, college and exams all have priority!

We are gamers and mates and that is the way it always should be. We all want to WIN and have a laugh but there always will be the bullsh*t that comes with gaming but just remember that the LOST BOYS are a group of friends.


Last but not least, [zLBz] have fun. Playing any game should be fun, and it is hard to have fun when you are losing. Sometimes we’ll run and gun, sometimes we’ll camp. It’s all about winning so we can all have fun together. Don’t mind what others are doing and we will have the best clan ever.

I went all Moses on this with The Ten Commandments of THE LOST BOYS, happy gaming b*tches, lets show them how it’s done!!!

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