We are Recruiting!

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We are Recruiting!

United Intuition Gaming

Clan looking for serious players.  Looking for players that are on a lot and that will participate in online community. United Intuition Gaming is looking for COD BO2 Gamers for xbox who are very competetive and who are going to participate daily. check out our website at http://intuitiongaming.enjin.com and you must be at least 17 years and up to join clan and please read info and rules before applying. The sign up proccess is very fast but there is a 7 day recruitment period. UIG is a pretty chill clan and we want to have fun and own the leaderboards. Looking for Objective, Slayers, and support now!




We have 42 active members (both multiplayer and zombie)

We are a level 23 clan level (K/D- 1.35, SPM-335.14 and over 6000 hrs played)

We compete in daily/weekly clan challenges and operation

MLG Gamebattles and Scrims

Ranking system

User friendly website (forums, live chat, youtube, Member spotlight, mumble voice server)



1. Be 18+ years of age

2. Have a minimum K/D ratio (Kill/Death) of 1.00+

3. Not be in any other clans

4. Play on Xbox 360 (we currently do not operate on any other systems)

5. Be active (on XBL and the website)

6. Be mature and respectful to your fellow clan mates

7. Have a mic and be willing to communicate (use call outs, and coordinate in game with UIG members)

8. NO modding, glitching, boosting or cheating in any way

9. NO trash talking, excessive complaining, or bad sportsmanship

10. Be willing to put UIG as your clan tag (no exceptions)

11. You MUST add the Generals to your friends list or you will fail the recruitment stage.

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