Xbox gamer looking for a awesome clan.

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Hey, my name is r0ck star90, I am looking for a clan that does not care if you swear, and a clan that likes to have a fun time while playing black ops 2, I am 14 years old, but still fun to hangout with, hope to you.

Your maybe furture clan member, r0ck star90

P.S: my gamertag is r0ck star90

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Our goal is to become a heavy weight clan and compete with the best we've beating top ELITE Clans before and we aren't afraid to do it again.

The 2 loses were against Fariko Gaming and we just barely lost to them on Kill Confirm (100-93)   (100-90)

Our clan level is a 20. I would love to have new strategies in our clan. I was in many clans I was in IconiK Gaming they really didn't pay attention so I left so I made this clan I had 48 members but I had to let go a lot because of lack of playing now we have 18 and our clan record still stands 63-2 and are 3v3 team is 30-0 so I hope you can be part of this great clan and our clan kdr is low at a 1.79 but I have guys at a 2.50+ that are going to be in the clan you won't regret being in this clan. We also have platoons. And my kdr was a 3.56 but I share accounts with my little brother but got him a new account so I'm just going to reset and do good again. And I'm very strategic and our members are very friendly but I know you can be a great addition to this clan. We also play every game mode. Thank you for your time. XBL account is Wicked CosmiC. Elite Clan is DyenamiK Gaming message me back in here if interested.


K/D ratio has to be over a 1.85

SPM has to be over at least a 360

Has to attend Platoon Battles

Also Clan Operations

Clan Ops Record is (43-0)

The link for our youtube channel is in the bottom as well.

The link is in the bottom check us out.

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  • How about joining Customize Death? We are level 10 laid back clan full of friendly people who participate in clan challenges. We are trying to recruit new members who can help the clan grow. We are currently accepting ALL applications no tryouts needed for a limited time. You can msg me at Fenix 0f War on XBOX live or apply on Call of Duty elite.

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