iEnVy_Clan Needs Recorders ps3 bo2

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iEnVy_Clan Needs Recorders ps3 bo2

Welcome to iEnVy Clan.

1. We are a clan that does both Hardcore or Core Matches.

2. Dont have to have a Mic, Communication would help In-game Helps alot.

3. No Hardscoping,or Try Not too

4. Please try your best not to camp unless its (Hardcore Search and Destroy.)

5. When Accepted, If you are inactive for over 2 weeks without any notice, you're automatically kicked from the clan.

6. We are looking for ACTIVE MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. We are Also Looking for Trickshotters aswell!

8. We Use Snipers and Smgs.

9. We have a YouTube Channel

If You Have a K/D Ratio that is under 1.10, and isnt good with snipers, You would have to verse the following members in a 1v1:




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