[iMPY] iM PROXY is recruiting. Check our thread out: You will not be disappointed!

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[iMPY] iM PROXY is recruiting. Check our thread ou...

We are a highly organized clan, divided up into four tiers. No matter your play style, you are welcome!

Just to add some information about the clan, my GT is iM T3MP, and I am the leader of iM PROXY. We are level 8 after such a short time, and have 22 active and talented members. Just throwing our name out there to anyone searching for a clan.

I know it may seem skeptical, with the hordes of clan recruitment pages going up, but we are IT. I have pride in the fact that we are a top notch clan, and that with some time, we will succeed. We are seeking anyone who is active, anyone that needs a clan, and honestly if you're reading this you care enough to be in it.

We do have prerequisites.

1.) K/D must be positive to compete in clan ops, but it is not required for membership

2.) MUST play with other clan members! (Only way to earn xp)

3.) Not Required. We provide clan details, clan events, and clan war information though our FB group. Only way to contain 100s of members

            a) After joining, you will be given a rank, based on your abilities. (Explained in further detail on the Facebook Page)                https://www.facebook.com/groups/367474830056482/

Send me a message on FB, or xbox. (Bring some friends)

gt: iM T3MP

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