looking for clan ghosts (ps3)

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looking for clan ghosts (ps3)

im 2.03 kdr and lvl 60,i am 22 and I got a mic aswell,looking for a clan that is active with its members and groups up often

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Re: looking for clan ghosts (ps3)

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Discharged Gaming is currently recruiting for our COD: Ghost division ps3/ps4. We require all members to have a mic and be at least 13yrs of age at time of application. We have an experienced & mature leadership team made up of veteran Call of Duty players. Our Ghost Elite is already at level 12 and we have Gold Clan tags. We have players of all skill level from casual to competitive gamers. Clan Wars start the 25th and we are looking to be a strong competitor! Stop by and check us out at www.DischargedGaming.com. You can list Killah_Bee_Cash as a reference.

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