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im 1.68 kdr and 1.36 w/l ratio,im 22 years old and have a mic,im laid back and my main game modes are core tdm/s&d/ctf/dom.im looking for a clan with 50 or less people,if interested in recruiting me reply on this post.

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black ops 2 clans only plz.

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Hello im ForsakenXLegend AKA (HEADXSHOTZZZ)
I am the recruiter for Blessed The Cursed

       K/D: We require your K/D ratio to be at least a .80 or higher.
      Age: All members have to be 15 or older.
      Mic: A mic is required to join BtcD.
      E-mail: You are required to have an active e-mail address as this is one of our means of communicating. It’s also required by our sponsors.
      Come join the family of fun and gamers, Competitive and causal gamers are welcome !

Last but not least, if you meet all of the above requirements: Go to www.blessthecursed.com and sign up.

To sign up to the website, go to the address provided. Once on the site, in the top right hand corner click the button that says register. (Keep in mind this website is an enjin website, so if you already have an enjin account, just click sign in). After registering, click the tab on the home screen that says “Join BlessTheCursed”. After clicking on that you will be taken to a page that has an application on it. Fill out the application and it will be reviewed by myself or the other leader. From there we will pass your information on to the person who will try you out, and they will in turn add you to psn and invite you when they’re ready (or at whatever time set up between you and them). If all goes well, and they come back saying you’re in, then your application to the website will be approved. They will also send you an invite to the clan in game, and you will be expected to go to the invite and accept

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