looking for clan (ps3)

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looking for clan (ps3)

im 1.67 kdr and 1.36 w/l ratio on black ops 2 and im 2.06 kdr on cod ghosts,I have a mic aswell im 22 years old and im a laid back chill guy,looking for a average clan with around 30 or less players,must be a active clan and must accually group up every now and then and play as a team,keep getting clans that don't associate with each other or bother to group up.

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Re: looking for clan (ps3)

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Hey man, what's your PSN?

Most of our ages here are from 16-17 but have 2 members that are in their 20's.

All of us are over 2.0 KDR and 2.0 WL with a good amount of days gameplay; saying that, are you willing to reset? We usually have constant VSATs the whole game. So playing with us should get your KDR up to a constant 3.0 if you play with us often.

You must be a person who is willing to change score streaks for some games, such that we use only scoresreaks at or below EMPs.

If you're looking for a clan that ACTUALLY plays together and are friends, this would be the clan.

What makes our clan better is that we actually have a website clan members go to and chat, we don't talk about COD 24/7.

But we do talk about COD too, just tactics we use, etc.

Come give us a try,   CNB-CLAN.WEEBLY.COM

[Yes, I actually took the time to type this message out, unlike other faggy clans who just copy and paste on other peoples's posts.

Come to the website to get to know us better, just make sure you type out every word and not "typ lik dis, or we wud gt annoid w/ u n most likely not give u a chance"

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Re: looking for clan (ps3)

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Oh, and we are Black Ops II only. 2 of our members go to Ghosts a little bit, but they have their own clan in it.

We won't be going to Ghosts either.


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Re: looking for clan (ps3)

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Come check us out www.dagclan.com

Recruiting for all new gens and Ps3 and Xbox360

Referrer Birdiekat

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Re: looking for clan (ps3)

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CSI Gaming is recruiting now we are a new gaming community that have been playing together for a while we consist of all consoles and games. We wanna give members the best gaming experience. We do not have many members on PSN at the moment but we are trying. Now i bet you will find my clan to fit your needs. For CSI you dont have to be good or reset or change your kill streaks we wanna see your own gameplay style. CSI gaming has alot to offer such as Website, Forums, Rank Structure, Prizes, Weekly Activities, Weekly Meetings, Standard Code Of Conduct, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Trying to work on sponsorship, We are registered on the top100clans. All players must meet these restrictions. Ages 15 and Up, Mature, Active such as posting on the site weekly, checking the site weekly, follow rank structure to rank up, Mic, Sign up, please dont hesitate to stop by at www.csigamers.com

add me on PSN: MonsterIISnazzy

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Re: looking for clan (ps3)

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hey longshotz,

my name is Torba14 and i'm the Recruiting Officer of the clan Reloaded Zone. we are a clan that doesn't focus on getting high K/D ratio's or always winning but more on playing fair and having fun together. i'd describe our clan as one in which the members always trust and respect each other.

all that we ask of you is to follow our 2 week trial. in this trial we'll look if you're fit for our clan ( follow our rules and you'll do fine )

getting interested? visit us at rzclan.net

if you have any questions, you can always send a mail to torba14@rzclan.com

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Re: looking for clan (ps3)

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Whats up Longshot

My name is SnOwY-WoLfUnIt and i am the owner of the clan called -illusion-

We are a new clan and we need more members who are good players and know what they are doing. We usually party up and take on the rest of the world. We something do league play as well.

All i ask you is to be active.

More info at: -illusion- Recruting - Ps3

If you have any questions you can send an email to me at wolfunit45@gmail.com or add me SnOwy_WoLfUnIt

Hope to see you in our clan very soon

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