60% of the match were boosters.

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I just finished playing a round of Domination where 60% of the people (not counting myself) were boosting


This has been happening in almost every match I play on the PS3, though it's usually only one pair of people, OCCASIONALLY 2.pairs, but this was the first time that three pairs were trying to out boost each other, which one pair going 117k;1D and 0k;70d. I report each and every person I see boosting, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I reported someone earlier this week, and ran into him the next day, doing it again, and again tonight. Each time, I report and each time, nothing happens.

Come on now...I'm pretty sure I'm done with Black Op2 after weeks of nothing people doing this without punishment, and I might even done with Call of Duty as a franchise as long as the tactical inserts are allowed.

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