BO2 and Trickshotting

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     This is just a thread to vent my complaints about the game's worst feature, quickscoping. Apparently Treyarch thought it was a good idea to take everything that was fun and balanced about the original Black Ops multiplayer, and throw it out the f*cking window for some trickshotting bullsh*t. Quickscopers literally plague game lobbies (mostly Search and Destroy, where they wait until everyone else dies so they can 360 some idiot who goes along with them,) and exploit the broken aim assist of the game. I can't tell you how many times I've been quickscoped not only halfway across the map, but through f*cking walls too! So all in all, the game's weapon balance is completely broken, and so far Treyarch has done little to nothing to fix it. I understand the game's past its life cycle, but people still play it. Not only that, but they're still releasing new camo packs for the game. Seriously though, if Treyarch's next game is going to be the same unbalanced MW3 bullsh*t, I might as well switch over to Battlefield.

    If you have any opinions about the subject of trickshotting, please post them below.

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