Black Ops 3: OFFICIAL TEASERS, Vietnam, Hidden Images, and More!!

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So you guys probably know that we got a teaser yesterday for what looks like the next Call of Duty. Today, just hours ago, another teaser dropped. This one is also from the Official Call of Duty Snapchat account. It looks to be hinting at World War 2 / Vietnam. BUT... Not as a full game like some may think such as WORLD AT WAR 2 Smiley Surprised But like I said that is not the case. At least I think its not.

The audio for the 2nd teaser says "Let your thoughts drift.. let the bad memories fade.. let peace be upon you."  Keywords to look at are "BAD MEMORIES"! So what we are seeing in these teasers could be flashbacks. More specifically BAD FLASHBACKS. I think Vietnam or World War 2 would suffice for being BAD.

Anyways there are some hidden images that seem to point at World War 2. Check the video below for that. Couldn't find footage with someone with the original audio so if someone could reply with a link I am sure everyone would be grateful.

Thoughts so far?

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