Boosters,cheats, hacks and the mystery of whats on the other end of the report button

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I know this has been discussed many times over but what i want to know is the report button like the report chute in mr burns office?  The one that travels through the entire underground of springfield  only to end up in the river,  am i polluting by pressing the report button,  is it all just a conspiracy to make us buy the next cod?  maybe the creators made aimbots and other mods and now they are just sitting around rubbing there fingers together at the thought of the money they will make on the next cod (and the next bots?),  cause really the game is only good for a couple of months before its ruined by the weak needy mofos who have no dsire to be good at anything, but would rather use cheats to appear like they might actually have drive in there life.... even if it is only a game..... lol....  For those that take pride in what they do and do it properly, the mystery report button is all they have left to fall back on.....  leaving the feeling that the creators of the game are little better than those with the attitude of near enough is good enough!  TAKE SOME PRIDE IN YOUR CREATION,  maybe even have a few games,  every cheat, booster hacker, or modder that continues to use your creation is just another laugh on the stockpile, considering all praise that is on the site for the games created, are you still the leaders in the industry or just another cheap sell out game producer that has future reproducing packman with a gun?  well imagine packman with cheats lol,  don't be the laughing stockpile... be the sword of justice!    lmao.. any ways love the zombies but maybe it should be classified as a drug more addictive than crack.  And please fill me in on where damned report chute goes to...

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