Black Ops II General Discussion

I haven’t played Call of Duty very long but I can tell you there are trolls unique to this game most of us in fact are one.

1. The Shit-Talker

We all have met this one in other games but in call of duty they take it to another place. These are the people we know that are in their mid to late 40’s and kind of looks like that guy at work that smells a little funny. They take pride in their kill to death ratio like they have found the cure for cancer and anyone that tries to call them out on a flaw they say they have some important job and are the hottest person you could ever hope to meet. Then call out how many times you died and your kill to death ratio because that is what epitomizes their existence so be jealous…I’m talking hulk green with envy.

2. The Gamer Girl

You bet your sweet cookies that grandma made you I’m mentioning these girls. (I am a girl so there’s my free pass booyahkasha!) These girls are the bain of my existence and should be yours too. They are pretty and they have consoles. but when they spend more time taking pictures of the box for the current Call of Duty then just playing the game they become a problem. They get in the rooms and chit chat with the guys that they play with and cause losses for the side they are on. Oh…did I mention that many of them don’t play any other game?

3. The Ragers

Like the Shit-Talker theses guys get pissed if you call them out. However, these “bad boys” of COD take it to a whole new level where they get to a point of anger that even making calls turns hostile even if it saved them a death. They are also known to message after they are done playing with you to yell at you and provoke a fight. My number 5 is their mortal enemy and they often kill their own team mates for camping because it makes them angry.

4. The “Neub”

Ah the neub. Not to be confused with people that can actually be considered noobs for all intents and purposes, this player runs around like a kid with ADHD claiming they are new while killing everyone and doing so well you would think they get paid to play.

5. The Camper

Yep, ragers hate campers and the shit-talkers…well it doesn’t matter they talk no matter what but the camper brings out a special type of anger from everyone. Here’s to my fellow campers I give you a small salute by saying we are decent players sometimes but it makes everyone mad that we make it hard to stay alive. The camper makes surviving through camouflage an art form. They don’t have high numbers and knives kill them a lot but they often see you long before you see them and by then you are waiting to respawn and plotting how to spill their blood.

6. The Bigot

These are the people that bring out the worst human behavior. They make slurs and judge people they don’t know. Telling women they belong in the kitchen and slinging racial slurs more than the KKK. Its bad when my #1 cowers because a bigot is present. Luckily you get comic relief when they are your target and every time they die you let the hate flow through you.

7. The Literalist

Ok these are more entertaining than annoying. This is the troll that lives and breathes COD. They know every map, every perk, every weapon. They call out positions as if they were actually on a battlefield, and the best part is there is zero experience in actual combat. Maybe they couldn't get in who knows but they call shots in game like it is their life on the line and they are damn good at it. The downside is when you have new players that don’t know lay outs because these people go from literalist to rager faster than you can get the panties off a hooker.

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