Curse of the green triangles!

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Whats up with that. I just lost a game going 40-2. My green triangles are cursed while i've got them spicey red dorito chips and i'am handing them to everybody in the room. I'am talking about the teammates.

The teammates should get a buff. They're to bad against enemies, Unable to counter easily counter-able stuff (C4 = Flak jacket)

And come on. Bad players always are on YOUR team never on that enemies team that your unable to get a hitmarker on because hes using dat sham shield (Borderlands 2 !) This needs to be fixed. People need some sort of COMBAT TRAINING to learn some SKILLS that they obviously DON'T have. Like... Aiming. higher sensitvity than 1... And maybe watching some youtube tips videos? Watching spawns and maybe train in custom games against bots?

Thanks for reading this post tough There must be alot out there but i needed to get this off my heart. I just nedded to tell it somewhere and get agreement on it or something to know i'am not the only one

Kind regards,

DuskShotzz (No i don't snipe i just like the Z)

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Ive played CoD 98% of the time as a random since WaW. I certainly can relate to your point. I'm so used to it that I don't find it as an issue anymore. In fact its a pleasant surprise when my teammates use teamwork and are objective.

I can't blame the players that don't play serious or competitively. There is nothing better than winning, but it can still be fun even if you lose for the less serious.

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Well, if  you're planning to fool around or stuff.... Play combat training thats not serious. But i'am trying to get my wins as i'am challenging myself winning 100 matches without losing a single one. And its annoying if you got those cursed green triangles with sensitivity ,4 target finder vector's trying to hold down long lines of sight or something. if your not good enough to quickscope and go positive than practice in combat training. If you can't play very well... Search tips on google or youtube. watch people who get good gameplays. idk just don't mess stuff up for others.

There are big youtubers that agree with me (For the first time Money w****s agree with me )  for example search on youtube "402THUNDER402 - Curse of the green triangles on uplink"

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Lol your whole thread sounds like Thunder but your point isn't lost.  Sometimes the greenies can really get on your nerves but consider this, had they not sucked so bad (your team and theirs) then you might not have had the opportunity to go 40-2 and hand out all of those spicy red doritos.  I know when I finally got my relentless in TDM it wasn't because I was so great as much as it was because they and my teammates were so poor.  Not that I can't hold my own against skilled TDM players but you won't find people going 28-4 (or 40-2) against quality opponents.  For that reason you have to have a strategy for throwing on the backpack and carrying your team to victory despite their flaws.  I know my playstyle with skilled players on my team is quite different from my playstyle with scrubs on my team.  But either way I tend to do well for the circumstances.  Not always but most of the time.

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Really? Combat training?

Its great your setting goals for yourself. 100 wins in public matches with out a team is a tall order to fill. I wish you luck. This is obviously the reason you're heated at your teammates. Thats a serious challenge.

The thing is, multiplayer is for everyone. Its the mainstream place to play. From pro's to novices. There are hundreds of challenges in this game and they can't be completed in combat training. I find no joy in playing bots unless its the campaign.

The most fun I had playing this game when I was running around with a crossbow. I enjoy this game much more when I'm having fun, instead of being pissed competitively.

But don't get me wrong. I feel your pain. You are not "the only one". I always play to win. Like a 85% w/l as a random. Unbelievably 62 win streak in tdm. I'm just sticking up for the green triangles that are just having fun.

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This is the consistent issue with the game, playing with randoms, will provide you with random results.

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
of our training"
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does your K/D ratio affect the people you are teamed up with, my K/D ratio is 1.62 and my win/lose ratio is 0.73

sometimes I can lose 10 games in a row even though I have the highest score from both teams, it seems most games I play there are 2 people on my team who could do better if they didn't even touch the controller.

Like in Search and destroy if it goes to 6 rounds most of the time there will be 2 people who dies 6 times made 0 kills 0 plants and 0 defuses, all they are doing is helping the other team build up their score streak.

A couple days ago I whent 22/0 in a team death match and still lost and the bottom 2 guys on my team where 1/17 and 3/26

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And this is why I roll with friends in CoD.

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