DSR-50 with Iron Sights in Multiplayer, please!

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Okey first thing first, yes there are already iron sights for the Ballista in multiplayer, but i don't think the ballista is a very gold gun, and i know many people agreeing with me. The DSR feels so much better when using it than the ballista. It just feels more solid and deadly. The Ballista is not like that at all. It is light, it sounds not that great, and i just don't like how it looks and feels compared to the DSR. So what i wanted to ask is, why can't you put iron sights on the DSR in multiplayer, too? I personaly don't think that it would be op. It is such a slow weapon, the aiming time is insane, and if you look at the MORS from Advanced Warfare, it also has iron sights and it's not op. I wouldn't even have a problem if the iron sights would reduce the damage, i just want a DSR with iron sights because sometimes the zoom of the ACOG is just too much. And the iron sights would look cool as fuck! Again, i don't mind if the damage would be reduced so that is is just a slower Ballista. But the DSR just feels way better than the ballista does. And i also think that we need at least something, after the DSR got even slower than it already was.

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