Does CoD reward cowardice and desertion again?

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Hi All,

Some days ago I shouted it out of pleasure. At last there would be a punishment for deserting a match. That meant: finish the match you start. Do not leave your team-mates alone half way or in the middle of the match. No win in desertion. Personally I think only one punishment is fit for desertion and that is killing the avatar. Take away any scorestreak and weapon upgrade. And like in hardcore. 3 desertions and be kicked out for ever. But not everybody likes playing together.

Furthermore it also meant not playing from one "Migrating host" to the other any-more.

I was planning quitting CoD for this reason although I like the games very much. But being alone in a map in the middle of the match is no fun (and I am from the generation that finishes what they start, so leaving is just no option). No fun at all! And playing from one "migrating host" to the other is also no fun. And even worse, once in a while you were put back in the lobby. Match gone, fun gone.

And now I think that the best rule CoD ever made is being cancelled. Today everybody who had the slightest mishap was out. CoD making the most desertion promoting game again. Rewarding cowardice and forsaking your mates. Taking out any reality, because that's something a real marine never would do.

We already decided not to buy the latest CoD Advanced Warfare because of this. Why irritate oneself? And then the good news came. And now it is gone.

Any advice on what to play instead is welcome.

Warm greetings,


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The game having been out for a while now and is not as populated.  The best way to avoid the issues you describe is to just stay in the same lobby throughout your entire session of play.  Wait for the lobby to populate, eventually you'll get players who don't quit/dashboard. 

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"3 desertions and be kicked out for ever".

I quit one match because it was hacked and went straight in to another hacked lobby. That is 2 quits that were justified. So that leaves me one more quit until I am banned for good? Bit harsh. Remember some people do quit for a reason, Not everybody is 16, care free and waited on by their parents.

Some people quit because of their child waking up and needing feeding, some people quit because they need to answer the landline Telephone, maybe they need a toilet break, either way if certain players really want to be that competitive then stop playing so hard in pub matches and join Clan Wars, League play or some other competitive Mode or game. Pub matches are just that, Public matches for people to chill, have a laugh and play a game of CoD.

How about banning players for blasting out music over the lobby whilst playing? Ban players for Boosting, what about a ban for talking to your friends in the same room as you with your mic on so we can all hear what you did at school today? Even ban people that let their babies scream in the background for a whole 4 matches of Cod. One last thing. How about we ban people with their TV so damn loud I can hear their game and mine through my Headset.

Yes, there is a mute button, but the lack of respect in the CoD players Community is astonishing.

P.S Whoever kills me more than twice in one game should be banned from all future CoD games on all current and every future Console.

Where will it all stop?

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I definitely understand your frustration but people have circumstances in their real lives that we can't control. I've got a wife that works a lot and three unruly Beagles to care for. One likes to poop the house and the other likes to eat it. Sometimes the phone rings, the doorbell rings, plus I run a business from home and customers call at odd hours.

You make great points but I don't know if there's a silver bullet fix for it.

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