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HI to whoever reads this! its been a while since I've been on this site and since then, I have just had ideas and concepts that I would like to share with you and if you have some ideas, share them

The first idea I want to share with you focuses on the enemy of many FPS games. Throughout FPS games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and games alike, the enemy is almost always Human. Usually these enemies come from Russia, Middle-East, and Germany. What I wanted to address is that games can only have these countries as the enemy for so long before they get boring, and everybody loses interest.

My idea is the A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Today games are being set in the future. Within the future these games display is the advancements in technology. We've seen A.I's as our ally but what happens when they're our enemy? We designed them. We built them. We based them off our own human image, so everything should be okay. We should have absolute control over them. But what happens when they have control? What do they decide is right from wrong. This is what i would like to see presented in a game.

My next idea is simple. Given the fact that in many FPS multiplayer maps have cars in the streets, what if we could just open the doors when i'm fighting an enemy? The doors would not be indestructible, it would just be a benefit of being able to utilise the environment like we should be able to.

Another idea is how I would implement a kind of in-game reward system like Call of Duty's Killstreak/Scorestreak system. In multiplayer you get kills, you get points for objectives, and you take a look at your score and see that you have, let's say 1000 score. That score would be the currency to purchase in-match items such as ammo boxes and special items like a mountable mini-gun, similar to how in Counter-Strike, you buy your guns and weapons with the currency you've earned. The more score you get allows you to get higher items. But, there's a downside to buying these items. The more you buy, the less XP you get at the end of the game. The score that rewards you XP, is the score that is used to purchases these items, along with score you get by other means. So, even if you get a high score and buying tonnes of stuff, you won't get a lot of XP. There would be a cool down timer before you could buy the same item again, so you couldn't spam UAV's or Helicopters and that stuff because of the cool down timer. I'm not sure if the timer would apply to the whole team, or just the individual player. Maybe this would become a skill factor for this game?

Share your thoughts and let people know the ideas YOU come up with. With each person comes new ideas to share with the world. Enjoy

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