Good on PS3, but not 360

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I have the game for both Xbox 360 and PS3.  I play with friends on the 360 and I am horrible.  My kill ratio is 0.55 at level 33.  I constantly find myself watching the kill replays and see me shooting off in some direction that wasn't at all what I was seeing before I died.  On the 360 I aim and shoot and people don't die.  On the PS3 my kill ratio is 0.87 at level 16.  I can basically run and gun and shoot people easily and accurately.  I'm using the exact same setup in both.  I know the kill ratio isn't much different, but I just haven't played the PS3 enough since I've gotten better.  My highest scores on PS3 have blown away my highs on the 360.  Last night I played on the PS3 and I was about 35-20, kills to deaths.  Tonight I played on 360 about 6 games and never had more kills than deaths, and my highest kills was 7, with me constantly saying "this is ridiculous".

Anyone else experience anything like this?  Is there a setting somewhere that I may be missing?  It is honestly a huge difference and not fun to play on the 360, but I do because that's where my friends are.

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