Black Ops II General Discussion


My first idea is a simple easy to do low budget/work idea basically it's add all the non-wonder weapons from the Campaign and Zombies into the Multiplayer basically the guns that were in Black Ops 1 and are now in this game add them to the Multiplayer and make them free and setup like the Peacekeeper. It's simple because Zombies and Multiplayer share the same engine and since they were able to keep adding guns into Zombies I am pretty sure RAM isn't an issue for Multiplayer so it can be done. It would be funny to watch AK-47 players go against AN-94 players lol. My second idea is go back to the old Matchmaking basically it finds the fastest ping for you until you can get in a game and it goes up by10 rather then 20 to 30ms it had way less issues even on Black Ops 1. Another Idea I have for this game is simple as well make bigger maps. Another idea I have is simple as well add more elevation to your maps it's annoying because you can't snipe or play recon.

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