Insane boosting and cheating (WHAT SHOULD BE DONE!)

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Insane boosting and cheating (WHAT SHOULD BE DONE!...

Hi! I'm a big CoD fan, and have been playing since MW2. But now I feel like I the game is ruined. Black Ops is the only game that was almost completely hack free and no boosters, but Black Ops 2 is something else.

You can't play a single game of BO2 without fearing that someone is doing something theyre not supposed to. I recieved a message telling me to join a hack lobby, though I declined. It was something about a UAV HACK.

But over to the thing that bugs me the most are boosters. They boost to make themselves look good, but they ruin everything for team-mates in game-modes such as kill confirmed. And they don't deserve the good stats they have. There is a booster on Playstation Network who calls himself: adam3901

I noticed that he went from a K/D of 1.66 to 2.13 in a really short period of time concidering how many kills he has. When I checked his recent matches I found a 106 - 5 kill confirmed on mirage with only 4 confirms. Of course he boosted. You can look it up in his recent matches. The date is April the 1st, and the time was 13:40.

He also boosted in the game before that, and probably the match before that too. It's really stupid that he's not banned. He's been boosting and cheating alot lately, and it's ridiculous. And the worst part is that it's a 1/500 chance of him being banned. And even if he's banned, he'll just continue. So if anyone from treyarch, IW, Activision reads this, then also read my tips for how to prevent boosting:

How to prevent boosting:

1. Patch the locked public match glitch. It's a glitch that puts you in a lobby where no-one can enter unless they do the glitch, or is invited to the lobby. Here's a link:

2. Pay more attention to what happens in the game (and especially boosters that has been previously caught)

3. Make it so that you can report videos from someone's recent games list. That way you can get proof more easily, and it's really useful considering that even though players gets a report on them for for eksample boosting, the moderators doesn't care unless many people report them, and that doesn't happen often. Videoproofs will make it easy to decide whether or not to ban someone as the boosting is on the clip that was reported

4. Look into reported players more often

5. Give some players on each console the ability to ban people. Like theese players can ban someone, and that player will be banned until everythings declared with moderators.

6. Limit the number of tactical insertions one can use per game (like 4-5 times a game), and make it so that it doesn't help to change classes.

7. Boosting penalty. When someone is reset to level 1 they start with 2,500 deaths.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Insane boosting and cheating (WHAT SHOULD BE D...

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If it was easier to get gold then there would be no need for it I play quiet good and its still ridiculous how to get gold cammo headshots 10 blood thirstys its wrong why can't yie just buy gold with ms points

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