Kill Streak not gained during Kill Streak's

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So I was playing Black Ops 2 Demolition on Hijacked and was doing pretty well. (52-0).  My 3 kill streaks are Guardian, Warthog, and Lodestar.  I called in my Warthog and then sat there while i waited for it to finish.  I then called in my Lodestar.  Well I got enough points back that I earned my Lodestar during my Lodestar and the game said that I did.  The next round of demolition i looked for my Lodestar since the round ended while I was in my first one.  It wasn't there and after killing a few people I realized my next kill streak was a Guardian not a Lodestar.  So I am kinda getting at is this a bug or not.  If it isn't a bug I think this should be fixed on all Call of Duty's because I already called in my Lodestar from before so I should be able to earn another.  Thank you for your time.

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