League Play is sometimes Unfair.

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The thing is in my past and now is that I would always come into a game where I play against Masters and Platnium devisions while I come in a team where they all are Bronze and Silver Devisions... I think it's like unfair when I ''ALWAYS'' get into these kinds of games... It is not fun... I can't get a good Devision.. It's unfair by getting a so called bad team... It's impossible to beat the players on the other team since they are 5x bettet than me.. Please atleast give me a chance of getting into a good devision since its unfair by getting beaten in a game everytime. Now I came in a Silver Division because of this... Why does this happen?

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Most masters and platnium players tend to abuse the match making system by grouping up with people of lower rank for easy win/win streaks...don't really know what they can do to fix that issue but keep in mind you should never judge by the rank. Its just lucky placement in my opinion.

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What seems grossly unfair to me is getting deducted 150 points for loosing a 1/2 v 4 league match! Why oh why does this game not recognize when your team mates quit? And when I'm on my own after all the other players quit I get kicked while I'm down for conceding the match with probation!??? I've literally had messages from the other team telling me to quit already when it's the third game in a row I'm on my own and will be punished for doing so. It's not fair for them to have to play the whole match nor to me. So I'm left with a 150 points loss and probation to really put the boot in. 
If I had any request for future League play it would be player number detection so what happened to me just now (300 points down for loosing a 2 v 4 SnD and 2 v 4 HP then quit a 2 v 4 HP and a 1 v 4 SnD = 5 minute time out) doesn't happen anymore. I'll take 10 points but leave the probation for the first two to leave please!

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