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League Play

So no league play gets it's own tdm only playlist before anything in the game is fixed eh? So even before HC gets any new playlists the game mode with the least amount of players gets another playlist first? Really?

So far I have yet to see even 3,000 players in either of the other two playlists for league ever. And now there is a tdm play list that does not even have 1,000 players in it yet?

And the reason why? League play is a joke, because of locked lobbies, attempted locked matches where you cannot leave once the lobby fills up. A broken probation timer that does not reset like it should. 1 hour does not equate to 5 minutes. And yes I have had it take over an hour of regular game play before the timer would ever reset. It is like the devs are stupid enough to think that a person is going to leave it set there on the timer and wait for it to count down all the way...

Yeah, League play is a joke and should not even be considered competitive or balanced or fun or fair by any means. So yeah its only worth trolling that game mode now.

They block the launchers, but let the three noobiest attachments stay in the game mode. laser sight, which makes any smg have perfect aim, target finder where a person does not have to look for an enemy just wiggle your gun around until the red triangle shows up. and mms, where it takes no skill to know if someone is in a room or not so you can wildly rush in spraying down the room.

A complete joke of a game mode and a waste of code space that could have been used for better things.

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