League play ranking system flawed

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League play ranking system flawed

As the title says the ranking system in league play tdm is flawed. I am barely an average player, probably not even really that. Yet I just went  22-3 league tdm using a lmg. Ya know those weapons that some think are not that good in the game for some reason. So either I am better than I think or the players I went against just totally were sucking during that match.

Oh yeah I was using the noob attachment, the target finder, maybe that was part of the reason.

LSAT+TF+Extend Clip=Force of mayhem on maps like carrier.

Hardline, cold blodded, engineer, betty, 2xpda, smaw

make camp city easy to do on that map no matter which side you get.

The reason why its flawed is because I can let my rank stay in the low 100's and get matched up against players that are not really a challenge. And pub stomping is meant to be gone out of this game? My k/dr for that match was 7.33, the next closest person in the match was a 4.+ the rest were barely 2 or 1 or less.

Sure it raised me 30 ranks for winning that match, but all I have to do is not play for a week, and will be back down near 100, or just go loose a few matches to loose ladder points to drop me in ranks. Making it where it will match me up against players of less skill. Making it easy to league stomp them. Had this been a regular tdm. I am sure most of them would have raged out several times and the results would have been different as new players came in to take their place.

Went and played the league match after I got probation for leaving only two normal matches. So either they have made it stricter on the probation system or something is up.

Sort of funny too, how you can get probation in one but it does not affect your ability to play the other. So a rage quitter could just jump game modes and then rage again; and by then the first probation would probably be up or nearly up. letting them start the cycle yet again.

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