Looking for parnter in crime for Youtube channel.

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Hi my psn id is KILLER-B3ATz_813 and I have decided to put some of my gameplays on youtube but im not the best with and general uploading onto youtube.Thus I require someone to take my clips. Cut and edit them. Maybe put some music and even voice over if you choose. Requirements:-Be willing to email me at least once every two days with updates on the channel.-Will have to edit, voiceover and upload clips (will leave discretion of which ones up to you)-Gender dont matter-Age dont matter but maturity is a given (at least 13+)-Must have decent taste in music Benefits:-Will basically run channel and be voice of KILLER-B3ATz_813-Your name will be in channel summery Really I just want to show off some of my gameplays but dont know how and dont have time to do so.I will be quite grateful if someone could help me out. And then you can obviously take run it how you want and use other videos aswell but KILLER-B3ATz_813 must always feature

. email is jluyt08@gmail.com if interested.

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So... What you're saying is, that you want someone to do everything for you?

With nothing in it for them other than your thanks, and a youtube channel?

...Good luck with that, really.

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