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I'm here to speak about bo 3 and bo 2 because I hope the next cod is bo 3

bo 2 was a game for me like cocaine but a good coke its addicted and its fine

my friends with a PlayStation 4 cant play bo 2 because it isn't there for the ps 4

so they come every day at me to play the game i have all dlc so i hope the next cod is bo 3

and here are my suggestions ray gun pack a punch is ray gun mark 2 and more moving

as gondolas cars air planes boats and more because we love that things and we need a am o matic   go under then you see it its a new perk machine were

you can by ammo for each gun why its not already in game i don't now who do now and in each map

who's who or tombstone cuz that are the real perks and double pack a punches as ray gun pack a punch

porters x2 ray gun and double ray gun mark 2 and more multi player weapons for zombies and new

score streaks for multiplayer as claws or a laser gunning bot new weapons such as mini gun or other zombie only weapons

if you enjoy my ideas please leave a comment i love the ww II ideas i love coarse such as swastika on the wall

Nazi zombies and other ww II things

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