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I want to see more night time maps in Call of Duty. Night time maps would be great for Search and Destroy, catering towards the more stealthy players or making the map seem like you could be snuck up on and killed. Having dark corners would be good as well, keeping the dark spots small but plentiful so you can move from shadow to shadow. Maybe a Trainyard, Docks, or an Industrial Steelworks where you can see the flames coming out of stacks and towers would be good maps. Some maps could be dead silent and the slightest sound will make each player jump. Really I just want to see some maps catered towards stealth and the player that likes to remain undetected. Also a Hardcore Demolition mode could be created. What do you guys think?

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Oh yea! im all for stealthy options! nothing against the runners but sometimes I dont want to just run. I would like to sit and wait for my prey

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Maybe they could introduce a multi-objective gametype. Something with more than 1 objective, like Demolition where all players have one life but if they die, the remaining players have to continue the objective. So like:


No respawns

No Scorestreaks



Objective 1: Infiltrate base

Objective 2: Plant "Bomb"

Objective 3: Capture and return "Flag" to pickup zone.


Objective 1: Defend the base. Prevent enemy from planting bomb and taking flag

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