Nothing is OP, stop crying!

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All I see is people saying sniper rifles are op, assault rifles are op, LMG's are op, shotguns are op, hand guns are op, flak jacket is op, C4s op the list is freaking endless, I never hear anyone of these people say SMG's are overpowered!

Nothing is op, there are millions of people who can beat something you see as "op" with every gun and/or equipment.

You are unskilled if you think something is op. so crying and deal with it because your never going to become a skilled player unless you can beat everything else in the game with every gun, equipment and perk on every map and every part of that map.

maybe something seems op but that is only because the player using this op gun, equipment or perk is using it to its full potential

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a lot of people have complained about smg's - particularly before they were nerfed, even though they still get complaints, specifically the skorpion and msmc

unskilled players also don't realize that there is a possibility of things actually being overtuned

probably one of the people that defended the famas even though it clearly outclassed every single weapon in black ops 1

hell it got nerfed and /still/ outclassed everything

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I took a leaf out of TSD's book and defended the Famas LOL. It was an interesting debate for sure.

Oh, and it wasn't because I was an avid Famas user, feel free to check my BO1 combat record, my most used weapon was the HK21 hehe, and tbh when I used an AR I preferred the AK47 or the Commando. Not saying the Famas wasn't a beast mind you.

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