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Now I Just started playing BO2 And I'm loving the Peacekeeper. I've done alot of research on it and realized its a hybrid between a SMG and AR... Now I read how people say it sucks compared to the SMG's and AR's but What they dont understand is that its a HYBRID haha. Now for me its all about comfortability for the most part and I can use this weapon everywhere just about for my playing style(run to this place,duck and shoot, for a few seconds, Run to the next)

My only questions are the attachments.. Im using 3 attachments right now which I find best for me. Right now Im using: Red Dot Sight, Laser Sight, Fast mags......I find this setup gives me versatility to be prepared for all situations for the most part.

I find this setup to be quite decent for me. However Im wondering about the range and if Subsituting laser sight would be worth it for long barrel. I guess it all really depends on how good the PKer is with its Hip Fire shots. I need red dot because I like to use this weapon like an assault rifle too. And the fast mags is AMAZING for me when Im in the heap of combat. So it comes down to laser sight...PLEASE HELP.   P.S i have no secondary weapon or lethals or tacticals... Just dexterity,extreme conditioning...These 2 are great for my style. And toughness which i will change to scavenger when its unlocked and lightweight...Please help me on advice.

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People say it sucks because when you put it up against a smg at close range you'll lose the gun fight most of the time, then when you put it up against a AR at longer ranges you'll be fighting a up hill battle but if you play the peackeeper to its advantages like taking a smg at long range and a AR at close range you'll have the upper hand the peacekeeper is a good gun because because where the AR's fail the peacekeeper does good and where the smgs fail the peacekeeper does good BUT where the smgs are good the pker fails and where the AR's do good the pker fails so you need to try and even it out i think (QUICKDRAW) will help you getting your gun up faster in the close range fights against smgs and have a better chance of winning and (REFLEX SIGHT) will help you stay on point at far ranges against ARs then if you want to add a 3 attacthment i would go with fast mags or laser sight. hope this helped (:

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