Patch to allow public team matches to start without a required player count

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I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed or brought to the developer's attention. I'm the casual MP type and I enjoy Ground War (12-18 player) mode for its chaos and larger map and player count. I don't own Ghost, but I own previous CoD plus purchased DLC and the MP system that requires a minimal player count needs to go, soon. CoD MP system needs to be reworked in general, but that is another topic.

I feel it's time CoD series needs to patch their console games so public team MP sessions can start without having a minimal player count requirement. At this point CoD MP system including Zombies (requires 3 players to start public session) shouldn't even be concerned with player count since they release a new game annually dividing the population each time. I feel as long as there are two players on opposite teams a MP match session should start while auto-balancing and joining others into the match session.

I hesitate to buy CoD DLC map packs since a new CoD will be released soon after and a new cycle of splitting the players restarts each time. There will be many customers who won't buy the new DLC map packs for many reasons and that is one of them. For those that do will hardly ever get to play those new maps online if the required minimal public MP player count isn't met during map selection or rotation. People also play at different times and having a player count requirement is just a bad idea in general.

To me it's an obvious flawed MP system and I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way especially those that have played other MP games from other developers. Team auto-balance should split party groups or teams to start a match and regroup them the next match when more players have joined the session if not already. I've been in too many session won't start awaiting more players and really just one player short for matches not to start before everyone starts leaving. Horrible and lack of common sense MP system design especially with player population expected to dwindle in size over time. Also, I believe this isn't helping with DLC map pack sales either. I have to wonder if any of the CoD developers ever play their games some time after its release, because if they did this this wouldn't have gone unnoticed this many CoD later.

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